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[4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland

Hello Des.

Yes your Jennie is right concerning Clan Gordon. Ivy is their plant and A Gordon A Gordon
is their war cry. There are several branches of the clan. The principle branch is that of
the Earls of Huntly in the north east of Scotland near Aberdeen. There are also other
branches in Kirkcudbright with lands at Lochinvar and Kenmure. This is a lowland clan in
spite of their raising the Gordon Highlanders in 1794. In the 1600's when one of the
English King James' was having trouble with both the Scottish Border Reevers and
rebellion by O'Niel and O'Connell in Ulster, he James hit upon plantation of one problem
onto the other to let them fight it out among themselves. This followed the example given
by Elizabeth many years before. This is the simplified version and is probably full of
gaps in the detail.

Adams is a sept name in Clan Gordon. Boyd is a sept name in Clan Stewart. There has long
been a link between Gordon and Stewart.

Regards Greg.
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> Hi Alison - I'm Des Rainey from Auckland and I have the same interest as
> you. I have traced my Rainey-Adams-Boyd-Griffith connection back to Kilrea
> and on my mother's side my Greer-Agnew connection back to around
> Randalstown. Generally they seem to have been Presbyterian (but with some
> marriage into Caholic). I gather that they all came from Scotland but the
> only reference that is anyway specific relates to my Adams branch.
> My great Aunt Jennie Adams of Dumagarner House in Kilrea, told me in 1961:
> "Our forebears came from Scotland about 300 years ago. I was told 3 brothers
> came over . One settled where I was brought up outside Kilrea on the Maghera
> Road. One settled about the same distance from Kilrea on the Coleraine Road.
> And the third one settled further along that same road.'
> My dad, Alelxander Rainey, left a note saying the first of these Adams as
> "Samuel Adams and his son - settled Claragh'. Against the second he noted:
> "settled Carnroe. Colonel Adams just retired, living Garvagh.''
> Jennie left also these tantalising notes:
> ADAMS/ADAM: Clan: Gordon (Scotch)
> THE NAME: from Hebrew 'Adam': red
> WAR CRY: 'A Gordon! A Gordon!
> BADGE: Ivy.
> But for me, in end of the world New Zealand and not knowing much about
> Scotland, I 'd be interested if anyone could tell me if the bulk of Bann
> Valley people would be of Highland or Lowland origin - and what, broadly,
> does it mean for those of us interested in our ethnic origin.
> Cheers
> Des Rainey