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[4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland

Hi Alison et all
Just back from a weeks vacation in the Galloway Dumfries area
No I was doing no research
But while I was there visited Wigtown,
Scotlands book town
The local church contains some of the covenanter "Martyrs" graves
And the Matyrs stake is close by in the bay
At the stake two women Lachlane and Graham were drowned
And one of the graves contains the remains of three men who were hanged
William Johnston
John Milroy
George Walker
As many of you know these surnames of similar spelling can be found in
the Bann valley
And what struck me at the time walking through the churchyard that I
might as well have been walking through a churchyard in Kilrea
If anybody wants pics of the above just email me

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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland

Hello, all:

For those subscribers whose Bann Valley ancestors' surnames suggest
earlier emigration from Scotland, particularly during the plantation
period, have any of you managed to make the (documented) research
leap back to Scotland?  I am well aware what a tall order this
entails ... for those of us whose Irish forebears were farmers and
such, the leap is probably well nigh impossible.

Is there any literature which addresses the origins of the 17th
century Scottish emigrants to either the Bann Valley or to county
Antrim? i.e., particular surnames from particular places; whether
certain groups, or clusters of surnames, came from particular
parishes in Scotland; etc.

I'm just beginning to consider this subject, so apologies if my
questions are more general than specific.

Thanks in advance,

Alison Causton
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia