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[4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland

Dear William Scott
Hello...my ancestors were originally from Scotland and were living on the
River Bann near current Newferry, then Culnafay by 1840's. They emigrated to
America in 1870's. Surnames would be DUFF, BOOTH or BOOTHE. If your
information could help , I'd appreciate it.
Sincerely, Earl Austen Duff

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> Hi Robert.
> I do believe I have a copy of that book, or a very similar one, listing
> all
> (??) the covenanter martyrs. If anyone is interested, I have made a list
> of
> the bare details of all the headstone entries. It's on an Excel file, but
> could easily be converted to text,  and has between 5 and 6 hundred
> entries.
> The Book is named "Covenanters tombstones" by James Gibson, printed 1879.
> Its much easier to search than the book which doesn't even have an index
> (and is not exactly rivetting reading). I have not offered it to the site
> for display, believing it not to be very relevant to most Bann Valley
> members, but maybe...???.
> I have found it very difficult to bridge the gap between early Ulster
> records and the comparatively excellent information for many of us who
> have
> known ancestry in Scotland. These records (1660/1690-ish) are tantalising,
> but I fear you will need more than the sparse detail in the files to
> confirm
> any relatives beyond doubt?
> I'll be happy to email a copy of the file on request to anyone
> interested -
> it's too big to mail to the site
> PS  Robert, did you ever own a lambretta scooter, or did I once know a
> different Robert McCaughern from Rasharkin?
> William Scott