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[4qd-bannvalley] Making the research leap to Scotland.

Hi All,  Im not sure if I have ever mentioned this on the list before but a
few years ago I attended a  meeting of the Coleraine Family History society
on which we had the most interesting talk by a man from Scotland but now
living in Portrush.
This man used to work in the Scotish Records office in Edinburgh. He
informed us that he still visits there every now and then to look through
the many old Manuscripts of Land Deeds and Wills which the Planters of
Ireland had sent back the Scotland.
The Planters as he stated had probably sent back any documenttations etc for
they probably thought that it was either much handier or safer to send back
home rather than Dublin.

This man showed us a few coppies of some of the early planters Land deeds
for the Dunboe area of Co Londonderry which I would have liked to have seen
He told us of some websites to check out, But these early Planter records
was in the  Registrar of Sasines which is at ;-  www.ros.gov.uk

Also the National Archives of Scotland ;- www.nas.gov.uk
Scotlands people ;-  www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk

I hope some of these would be usefull.  I must try and find the mans name
again as I would like to see if he can find out anything for some of us.

Ive noticed some of you were discussing the Scotish Covenanters.
I have a few books on the subject that may be still available.
I have one called "Standing Witnesses" by Thorbjorn  Campbell, 1996 Saltire
Society. Its all about the Memorials, Gravestones and Monuments of many
Covenanters who had died for their beliefs and the tragic stories of many of
these Martyrs and how they met their end.

Also, "Scottish  Covenanter Stories", Tales from the Killing Times". By Dane
Love. 2002 Neil Wilson Publishing. (www.nwp.co.uk ).  I must say I enjoyed
reading this book more so than the previous one. But I found it more in
depth and slightly more Horific in some of the most barberous attrocities
carried out by the Goverment troops of the time.

I have an older book "Men of the Covenant". by  Alexander Smellie. First
Published in 1903 and also the last edition was published in 1962.  It would
be more or less the whole story of how the Covenanters came to rise and what
started the whole cause to what would be known as the Killing Times.

There is also a DVD Disc about the Covenanters and how they were punished
and how the Covenanters still preach today in Northern Ireland.  Ive seen
the first half of it which Ive realy enjoyed. I must find out the full name
of it and how you people can obtain it.
I hope this helps anyhow.

Best Wishes,