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[4qd-bannvalley] Rev Thomas Hugh Mullin.

Hello Everyone. Im sorry I do not like to be the Bearer of Bad news, But I 
thought I should let you all know that The Rev Thomas Hugh Mullin the Author 
of many Books such as "Famillies of Ballyrashane", "Aghadowey" , "Roots in 
Ulster Soil" , "Coleraine in By-gone Centuries" etc, has sadly passed away 
peacefully in the Causeway hospital on Friday 1 September.
He will be sadly missed not only by his freinds and family but by 
Genealogists like ourselves.
He was a man of tremendous knowledge of the history and people of the North 
Antrim/ East Londonderry area.
I feel sad that I never got to meet the man in person other than here him 
talk at a Coleraine Family History meeting at one time. I was advised a year 
ago to meet him which I made an attempt to do so by phoning his house in the 
spring of this year unfortunatly for myself he and his wife where on a 
His funeral took place today at Ballyrashane Presbyterian Church followed by 
Interment at Drumachose Presbyterian Graveyard.
He is survived by his wife Julia, who has also wrote books and she also has 
a lot of knowledge.

He will be sadly missed by many, but his name will always be rememberred by 
many past. present and future Genealogists as a man of Huge expertise. One 
just has to read any one of his many books to see just how much knowledge 
and hard work this wonderfull man had put to book for people like ourselves 
to help us and others in future research.
Its very hard to put in words just how much we appreciate someone like the 
Rev Mullin and his wife Julia has done for us all.

I know some of you who read this have been fortunate to have met him, and Im 
sure you will have a fond memory of such a meeting.

Our Loss is Heavens Gain.