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[4qd-bannvalley] Brown/Hamilton


Speaking of photos I am wondering how many listers
might have photos of family from/in Ireland and if we
couldn't post them on the Bann Valley?  I have only a
couple- one taken by George Dallas in Kilrea.

Barbara Braswell

--- Lunney Family <family@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Dear Anthony,
> I am delighted to hear from you; James Brown is
> indeed my gt gt gt gt  
> uncle; so we are probably cousins in some degee.
> Indeed, we are  
> probably related twice over, because I am more than
> likely related to  
> James Brown's wife as well, though that's not
> provable at the moment.  
> Do you have the family trees of the Browns of
> Ballinaloob drawn up by  
> Julia Mullin and T. Bennett? If not, I'd be glad to
> send copies. I  
> also have scanned copies of portraits of James Brown
> and his wife  
> very kindly sent to me by one of his descendants in
> America; if you  
> haven't seen those I'd be glad to send them as well.
> Do you know if you are related  to the Hamiltons of
> Garvagh? one of  
> them in the 19th century wrote an interesting
> autobiography
> I now live in Dublin but I grew up in co. Antrim, so
> I know a fair  
> bit about the family history and related families;
> if you need maps  
> or anything, just ask
> Best wishes
> Linde Lunney