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[4qd-bannvalley] WOODEND

There must still be Woodends in the area; a miss Woodend taught  
chemistry in Bushmills Grammar School, co. Antrim in the 1960s. I  
don't know where she was from; not round Bushmills, but probably not  
too far away

LInde Lunney

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Subject: [4qd-bannvalley] Woodend
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There is a Woodend family recorded in the Boveedy
Presbyterian Church records although they don't seem
to have been there very long. Boveedy is a small
seceder church not far from Garvagh.

The Baptism records show:

1854  Jas. Thomas     James Woodend    Margaret Gamble

Sept 14, 1856  Robt   James Woodend   Margaret Gamble 

June 1859  Jane or Janet?  James Woodend  Marg  Gamble

The records are very faint.  They start in 1841.

Margaret Gamble and James Woodend were both first time
communicants about 1852 or 1853.  (very dif to read)

Jame Woodend and Margaret Woodend are listed on the
1857 Communicants Roll.  Margaret Woodend is only one
listed on the 1860 Roll.

Hope this helps.
Barbara Braswell