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[4qd-bannvalley] Bann valley genealogy

Dear Bobby,

I just read your very interesting article in the Bann Disc; you are  
quarrying some very interesting material; thank you very much for  
publishing it. I have just emailed Dan Wilson in Arizona to tell him;  
maybe you and he have been in touch already but if  not he will be  
delighted to hear what you have discovered re Wilsons in Dunboe.

We should get together and have a chat about n. Derry possibilities;  
do you know Boyd Gray, also with Dunboe coonections?He now lives in  
Donegal and I hope is going to be on the committee to develop a  
Presbyterian heritage site in Monreagh old manse; genealogy and so  
on. maybe would be woth talking to him about ideas. Are you ever in  
Dublin?  I hope we can keep in touch anyhow and help each other

All the best