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[4qd-bannvalley] Perry of Garvagh

Hello All and especially Linde.

The name Perry is one of my brickwalls. Off and on for about 20 years I have been trying
to find some trace of the parents of my wife's maternal great grandmother. So when the
name came up on this list with dates in the same time zone in which I have been searching
I had to try my luck

Kay's G.Grandmother is JANE EMMA PERRY. Born Newton Auckland New Zealand 25 August 1865.
She married William Henry Warring in Christchurch New Zealand 23 Apr 1883. Her parents
are SAMUEL PERRY and JANE HORN. I have not been able to find any New Zealand records for
either of these two. That is birth marriage or death. I have not found their names on a
ship's passenger list. Surely there has to be something there somewhere, it's just that I
have not found it yet. Most of my searching has been in the Auckland records, but
recently I found that there are many records concerning the Perry family name in

Now if the name Perry occurs in Londonderry and /or the North of Ireland, would Horn also
be a name to be found in the same region? The answer to this question could in itself be
a major clue to prompt further research.

Regards Greg in New Zealand.

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> Is anyone interested in this family? I am connected to them; one of
> my Toye gt gt aunts married a Perry, so I have kept an eye out for
> information. I just found a biography of James Perry 1845-1906, b.
> Garvagh, who was an engineer and county surveyor for Galway. An
> interesting career, though not quite so distinguished as his brother
> John, who was a very important engineer in London; FRS, if I remember
> right.
> If anyone wants copies of what I have on these two men, let me know
> Linde Lunney