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[4qd-bannvalley] East Donegal Ulster Scots 2007 Programme

Hi Pauline,

No, I have searched the BBC websites and others using Google but, as I
suspected, the BBC never makes its programmes available, although I am told
there are plans to do so in the future.  So many excellent programmes must
gather dust in Broadcasting House.  You were not the only one from Australia
to ask about this in response to my posting.

And yes, I have seen some of your postings on the Bann Valley site and know
you have contributed quite a lot to its success.  I am in regular contact
with Barbara Braswell, who alos has an interest in Churchtown, mainly
because she has Lowry roots here in Donegal where I live.  Have you done
much researxh on the McCreadys.  I find there is more online for Donegal
than Derry and Antrim.  If I can do any look-ups for you at Letterkenny
Library, let me know.



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> Hi Boyd
> Also very interested in the BBC program. Would love to be able
> to get hold of a copy of it. Doubt it would be shown in Australia.
> I am distantly descended from the Montgomeries. My gr gr gr
> grandmother was a Montgomery. My grandfather's family of
> McCready- various spelling- is a very old Donegal family.
> Found your posting very interesting also.
> Thanks for the information.
> Best wishes
> Pauline O'Keeffe
> Queensland