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[4qd-bannvalley] Perry of Garvagh

Dear Greg,

I would guess that your Perrys and Horns are more likely to be
English; the Christian name "Jane Emma'" sounds rather un-Ulster for
that date, and I don't know of the name Horn in the Garvagh area;
there are Horners not far away, but  don't know of Horn. What
religion were they? If Church of England, then that strengthens the
likelihood that they were English; of course there are episcopalian
(church of Ireland) in the north of Ireland, but as far as I know,
the Garvagh Perrys were Presbyterian, and one would expect that this
affiliation would last at least one generation in NZ.

sorry not to be more encouraging with the brick wall; of course one
never knows. I'll keep an eye out for Perrys anyhow!