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Re[2]: [4qd-bannvalley] Elder, Sharkey, Craig, Marshall of Garvagh

Hello William,

Outside Derry/Londonderry, on the Buncrana/Letterkenny road is also
called "The Grove", very close to the border, on the Northern Ireland
side of the A2 /N13 road, About half way between Derry city and Inch,
It is still called the grove, (at least locally) so that might be a
strong possible for you.
I have seen arguments saying that it is the orig site of Derry City
before now, some say the old name could have been Oak grove? There
used to be lots of groves and still a lot surrounding Londonderry

Friday, January 12, 2007, 9:41:15 PM, you wrote:

>> Does Anyone know where "The Grove" is?
>> Trish Reisima

> Hi Trish
> Inch is a (small, 6 t/ls) parish in Donegal County. It is a small island
> only a few yards from the coast of an inlet and has been rejoined by a
> car-bearing road of sorts. I would guess the Grove is a farmland name - it
> is not a townland as far as I know, certainly not in modern times. 
> Interestingly, there is "The Grove" near Garvagh, Co Londonderry, adjoining
> the townland of Moyletra Toy. The names can be confusing, as there is a
> townland also of the name "Garvagh" in Co Donegal, Parish of Donegal. not
> sure if this helps.
> Billy Scott 

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