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[4qd-bannvalley] Familiar names

Iy was exactly the same with the Grays et al.  Remember the Boyd Gray dictum
of family history.  The poor leave a much lighter footprint in the sands of
time.  The Lowrys were elephants in comparison!

Yes, I wonder just who these people were.  He got off pretty light for

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> I wonder which one of our Mayberrys and which one of
> our Stewarts these two are.  Taken from the
> Londonderry Sentinel, May 20, 1847:
> "James Mayberry was indicted for the manslaughter of
> John Stewart, at Kilrea, county Londonderry, by riding
> him down with his horse on the 13th July 1846.  The
> prisoner, in his defence, said he could not help it.
> He was found guilty and was sentenced to imprisonment
> for four months and kept to hard labour."
> I see very few of our BV folks in these records.  It
> takes something like the above for them to make the
> death entries!!
> Barbara