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[4qd-bannvalley] Faulkner, etc.

Elizabeth Faulkner born about 1740 married about 1760 Thomas Wier (Weir) and
settled at   Ballynagilly, near Cookstown, Lissan Parish, County Tyrone.
Her father was a farmer "living at the waterside of Londonderry."  One
account says her mother was Elizabeth Fanchinder, a surname I've never found
anywhere else and have long suspected that he original handwriting may have
been a misreading of "Elizabeth Faulkner," in which case Elizabeth Faulkner
Wier's mother may have been another Elizabeth Faukner.  They were
Presbyterians.   Old family letters refer to relatives who had owned a linen
factory.  I have been told there were Faulkners who had owned a factory near
Cookstown and wondered if they could have been the relatives referred to.

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>From the Dictionary of Irish Family Names by Ida Grehan:
>Faulkner, Falconer, Falkiner - from le Fauconer - originated in France,
>came to Ireland with the Normans
>Mooney - O Maonaigh - an Ulster sept descendants of King Ailioll Mór
>another setp inCounty Sligo where the name is spelled Meeney