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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: visit

Speaking of visits, my wife, Peggy and I visited the Garvagh area about this time last year and had a great time.  When I saw the Faulkners message, I sent my URL to them directly, but don't know if they received it.  This site will take forever to load if you are on a dialup, so be prepared.  On cable or DSL it is fine.

I posted a number of pictures and a narrative.  We flew to Doublin, spent three nights in Belfast with relatives, and another relative took three days off to travel to Garvagh with us.

Currently the trip info is posted at www.cadit.com/gen1/trip1.htm.   I have sold the cadit.com site, and when I get everything figured out, we will be back up on mcneary.info

While in Garvagh, we stayed at Gerald and Heather Torrens' at their Heathfield Farmhouse B&B, just a mile or two north of Garvagh. We were delighted with the facility and the hospitality.  Here's their URL.    http://www.heathfieldfarm.com/index.php

Not sure this helps Kilrea visitors, as Garvagh is about 10 miles away.

George McIlroy was most helpful in many ways and so generous with his time - he's in charge of the Garvagh Museum and a retired teacher.  Between him, and our cousins with whom we spent much time, and several other generous people, we had a visit we will never forget.  It was fantastic.     The places were important, but most important were the poeple.

Bill McNeary

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>>  My wife and I will be traveling to the Kilrea area in early May for the
>>  first time.  Family records indicate my ancestors originated in this
>>  area.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best spend my limited
>>  time in the region?  (There seems to be quite a high frequency of
>>  activity in the Killygullib Glebe area.)  Additionally, does anyone
>>  have information on the surnames Faulkner (Falkner,) Mooney (Money) or
>>  Barber (Barbour?)
>>  Any information would be useful and appreciated.
>Can't give any info - but if you have suggestions after you have visited,
>then a 'travelogue' page on the www site would be worth considering!
>Have a good visit.