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[4qd-bannvalley] RE: Visits RE Garvagh

Referring to messages titled Visits and titled Garvagh.

Recent messages from BYoung and from Tira Brandon-Evans mentioned several Garvagh area names that interest them that tie into my families - Stewart, Craig, Marshall and Young.  Garvagh's like a lot of other smal towns - many of the families that were there 200 years ago are related through many marriages.

Matthew McNeary, son of James Rentoul McNeary and Margaret Marshall Wilson married Mary (Minnie) Wright Stewart b.1878, daughter James Stewart and Elizabeth Adams.  Matthew was my Grandad, William Wilson McNeary's brother.  Matthew and Minnie's children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live in the US.

Grandad's mother was Margaret Marshall Wilson, daughter of William Wilson and Jane Wilson.  We have absolutely NO IDEA of who the Marshall in her name was or the relationship, if any.    William Wilson's first wife was Nancy Young, daughter of Hugh Young.  This URL will take you to those mentioned in this and the previous paragraph
 http://www.cadit.com/gen1/mm1.htm  To see the Wilsons, there is a highlighted Wilson click on that page.

James McNeary of Magheramore married Mary Stewart. Don't know the parents of either.  Their daughter Martha married William John Craig.  We visited Ronald and Kathleen Craig Mullan (Martha's grandaughter) on our visit.

I responded to visits message with the URL referring to my trip to Garvagh, which included visits to a number of churches and cemetaries.  That URL is temporarilly posted at www.cadit.com/gen1/trip1.htm, and later will move to mcneary.info/gen1/trip1.htm when I figure out how post to that site.

We visited several churches and several more graveyards, and found it very interesting.   Something that would be very helpful, and which we could not find, was a MAP showing all road names and all CO Londonderry church and graveyard locations, perhaps with an index listing each.  We'd have visited several more if we had any idea where they were.


Bill McNeary