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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: RE:Farrantemple - McAllisters/McMillan/McCullagh? 1800's-1900's

Hello Richard,

Two churches apparently not on your list are, the Main Street Garvagh Presbyterian Church, at Garvagh, and the Ballylaggan Reformed Presbyterian Church, in the Ballylaggan area - don't remember which road it was on or how to get there.

We visited the Garvagh area a year ago, and went through a number of church graveyards.  It would have been helpful to have a map showing all area church locations and the roads they are on.  If such does not exist, it might be very helpful to get that information on your site.

All you do is appreciated.

All the Best,

Bill McNeary
Charleston, MO

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>> <how can I I obtain a list of what church's & Cemeteries were around
>> Farrantemple/Garvagh in the 1800-1900 age?>
>> I believe most of the churches are listed on the Bann Valley site,
>> although only some records are posted.
>> Anyone else know of any churches not mentioned on the site?
>If they do - let me aDd them to the churches list on site!
>Like everything else on site I can only add data as people give it to me.
>The more you give, the better for all.
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