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[4qd-bannvalley] distance to Dunglady

> Does anyone know how far it is from Churchtown to Garvagh?  I have a =
James Dripps that married a Mariah Connor.  My James Dripps comes from =
the Garvagh area and I am wondering if it is same one that lived in =
Garvagh and attended the First Presyterian in Garvagh???>

About 7 miles by the shortest road. Near enough for an evening stroll to =
see a young lady (but you would need to be keen!). How does Churchtown =
fit in? The Christening records show that they lived in Dungleady and =
Tirnageeragh in Maghera Parish, but not too far from Churchtown. This =
was in the mid 1850s after their marriage. If you check the Griffiths, =
you will see a number of Dripps families inchuding a james Jr and Snr in =
Dungleady and Tirnageeragh in ca. 1860. These 2 townlands are just =
outside the Tamlaght Ocrilly boundary, in Maghera Parish. Doesn't =
strengthen the possibility of a Garvagh connection, but they may well be =
You may have noticed another Dripps-Connor couple in Churchtown records =
at the same time - probably 2 brothers M 2 sisters- quite a common =