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[4qd-bannvalley] distance to Dunglady

The reason I think the James Dripps in the Churchtown marriage records may
be the same James Dripps that is from Garvagh is that he named his first
child Matthew.  I know that is only a clue, but didn't they have a Irish
tradition of naming the first boy after the paternal grandfather???  You
have some good points though. Churchtown is where James Dripps & Mariah
Connor's children were baptized.  The residence it says is Dunglady.  So the
question is...is this my James Dripps from Garvagh that moved to Dunglady?
The time period is correct.
Diane Bland
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> Does anyone know how far it is from Churchtown to Garvagh?  I have a James
> Dripps that married a Mariah Connor.  My James Dripps comes from the
> Garvagh area and I am wondering if it is same one that lived in Garvagh
> and attended the First Presyterian in Garvagh???>

About 7 miles by the shortest road. Near enough for an evening stroll to see
a young lady (but you would need to be keen!). How does Churchtown fit in?
The Christening records show that they lived in Dungleady and Tirnageeragh
in Maghera Parish, but not too far from Churchtown. This was in the mid
1850s after their marriage. If you check the Griffiths, you will see a
number of Dripps families inchuding a james Jr and Snr in Dungleady and
Tirnageeragh in ca. 1860. These 2 townlands are just outside the Tamlaght
Ocrilly boundary, in Maghera Parish. Doesn't strengthen the possibility of a
Garvagh connection, but they may well be related.
You may have noticed another Dripps-Connor couple in Churchtown records at
the same time - probably 2 brothers M 2 sisters- quite a common occurrence.

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