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[4qd-bannvalley] McNeary genealogy

Greetings to all,

For several years I've maintined several McNeary related webpages on a domain cadit.com.  We are moving these pages to a new domain, mcneary.info and specifically the gen1/ directory.

For now the best way to access is the URL  http://www.mcneary.info/gen1/mm1.htm.  Selections on that page include "Garvagh McNearys" (the mm1.htm page above), "James McNeary of Newton Limavady" (the Matthew of Derry group), "Killybegs McNearys" (Robin Fansler's work), "Oth McNearys" (misc. on McNearys in the US), "Woodburn - Wilson" (Mary Woodburn and John Wilson and a number of thier descendants), "Ireland Trip" (our trip to Garvagh area spring of 06). This site will be reorganized and updated hopefully by late summer.

I have several projects.  First is to understand who else is working on or who has information to share on the McNeary familys; second, to continue to try to determine and share the relationships between the several McNeary groups in Ireland and Scotland in the 19th century (and before and after}; third to, determine the relationships between McNearys in the US (and elsewhere) and the McNearys of Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Forth is to do what I need to do to make this information more useable to McNearys - so far, I've stuck to posting descendant lists which is pretty simple, and at the very least will do that.

In line with my first project, please contact me through the Bann Valley site, or if you prefer, directly to bmcneary@xxxxxxx if you think you have McNeary information to share.  I am open to suggestions (I think).

Concerning the second project, from the Visitation lists, familysearch.org and others we know that after the late 1700s there were McNearys at Magheramore, Tirkeeran, Garvagh, Mettican, Goran, Crossgar, Lunney, Ballygawley, most of whom were probably related, and all of which probably have Scottish roots. I look forward to any help, and many thanks to those of you who have helped in the past.

If you have privacy issues, I will respect them.

Regards to all.

Bill McNeary