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[4qd-bannvalley] Regarding: Gilmore, Kennedy, Giffin families

Hi Iain

Excuse me coming in here - I noticed the mention of the Young name - I am
researching Youngs of Garvagh/Ballinameen/Killyvally and would be interested
in knowing more from your side, we may connect.

Beryl Young
Auckland, New Zealand

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> Hi Freda
> My G-g-g-grandfather Daniel McNeill married a Betty Gilmore in Aghadowey.
> They were both born about 1760.
> Their son William married married a Jane Kennedy - I am looking for more
> info on them.
> Their son John (my g-g-grandfather), b 1790, married a Sarah Roxburgh, b
> ABT 1795, in John Brown's Presbyterian Church Aghadowey. They had 11
> children, 8 girls and 3 boys.
> My father's notes say: "Lived 18 years in Trivaleagh (Crevalea). Landed in
> Boston, Mass., USA on 6 Jun 1852." I have not located this on any lists.
> He was with most of his family. They ended up in Millbury Mass (on 1855
> census) working in the cotton mills.
> Their female offspring seemed to marry those who had also travelled from
> "home" - names like Young, Caldwell, Boyce, Paterson, Watson and Burnside.
> My G-grandfather John had gone to Scotland in 1851 and married Sarah
> Brisbane.
> I hope this may be of use. Please let me know if the McNeill name pops up
> anywhere!
> Iain McNeill
> Cambridge, England
> Freda Noble wrote:
>> One of my maternal ancestral families is a Kennedy family (sometimes
>> spelled Cannady, Kenedy).  They appear in Massachusetts in the 1730s.
>> According to several references, there was a migration of Ulster Scots
>> from northern Ireland at that time; and at least, five ships of
>> immigrants arrived in Boston.  Among these was probably my Thomas
>> Kennedy.  I would like to correspond with anyone who researches or has
>> information about these families.  Below is some of the data I have
>> collected.  I would like to confirm whether the David Gilmore, who lived
>> with the Giffin family in Spencer, Mass., was David Gilmore, the son of
>> the Giffin father's wife in Antrim County.  I would also like to confirm
>> if the John Gilmore and David Gilmore, who were among the first settlers
>> of Murrayfield, Mass., were related to the David Gilmore who lived in
>> Spencer.  Any help will be greatly appreciated.  Ted Noble, Gualala, Ca
>> Thomas Kennedy married Jane (Janet) Gilmore in Bridgewater,
>> Massachusetts, near Boston, in 1735.  He eventually migrated to western
>> Massachusetts, settling in "New Glasgow," later called Blandford,
>> Massachusetts.  The last record of Thomas is the 1790 tax valuation.  The
>> family was Protestant.
>> Research uncovered two of Thomas and Jane Kennedy's children, Thomas and
>> Hannah, living with  family, comprising Robert David and Isabel Giffin.
>> These people were two brothers and a sister who migrated to Spencer,
>> Massachusetts.  David was born in the parish of "Bellowilling:" (the
>> spelling used in the Giffin Will), County Antrim, in 1686.  Isabel was
>> born there in 1695, and Robert, in 16??.  They were hard-working and
>> acquired property in Spencer, but none of them married.  All three died
>> within a space of seven months, between December, 1769, and July, 1770.
>> (In one reference I found that a Protestant family named Giffen has been
>> located in Antrim since the seventeenth century.  There is good reason,
>> according to the researcher, to believe that all the families who spelled
>> their name Giffin" or "Giffen" belong ed to this Antrim family.
>> David Giffin deeded his property to his brother Robert and his sister
>> Isabel. Robert bequeathed to his "cousin" David Gilmore, then living with
>> him, "a comfortable support for life from the income of his real
>> estate,:" which he gave, half to Thomas Kenady (or Cannady), son of
>> Thomas Kenady, of Murrrayfield, hampshire County, Massachusetts, and half
>> to Robert giffin, son of his brother John Giffin, late of county Antrim,
>> Ireland.  (John remained in County Antrim when David, Robert and Isabel
>> migrated.)
>> As noted above, Thomas Kennedy, Sr., father of the Thomas and Hannah who
>> lived with the Giffens in Spencer, Mass., resided in Murrayfield, Mass.,
>> near Blandford.  He was one of the very early settlers there along with
>> William Kennedy, John Gilmore and David Gilmore.  This was sometime in
>> the 1740s before Hampshire County was created.  Murrayfield was not
>> incorporated as a town until Oct. 31, 1765.  Today the town of
>> Murrayfield is comprised of the towns of Chester and Huntington.
>> (Source: Taverns and Turnpikes of Blandford, 1733-1833, by Sumner Gilbert
>> Wood, 1908.)
>> It is quite probable that the mother of the Robert Giffen mentioned above
>> was a Gilmore, since Robert referred to David Gilmore as his "cousin."
>> Also, it is probable that Thomas Kennedy, Sr.'s wife, Janet Gilmore, was
>> a member of the same Gilmore family, since so much of the Giffen estates
>> were bequeathed to Thomas Kennedy, Jr., and Hannah, his sister.
>> It is possible that the John and David Gilmore who settled with Thomas
>> Kennedy, Sr., in Murrayfield wer also close members of the same Gilmore
>> family.
>> Recent  research at the LDS Library provided the following additional
>> data: In the "Roll of Protestant householders, 1740, of the parish of
>> Balleywillan, County Derry Portion," (the parish overlapped both Antrim
>> and Derry) appear the names James Gilmore and DAvid Gilmore.  records
>> also show a John Gilmore born in Balleywillan in 1719, and also, in 1737.
>> A John Gilmore executed a will there in 1749. (Source: "The Kirk of
>> Balleywillan since the Scottish Settlement" by Julia E. Mullin, 1924.
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