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[4qd-bannvalley] McNeills, Gilmores etc

Hi Linde
Thanks for the note, I had more or less settled on Crevolea, but who
knows ........
Well I've spotted plenty Gilmores on the web, all sort of spellings too.
Do you know of any called Betty born ABT 1760?
My g-grandfather Richard Roxburgh McNeill went to Scotland in 1851 so I
suppose it may be a Scots spelling of his mother's maiden name. He had
an uncle Daniel who married a Molly Roseberry, and an aunty Betty who
married a James Roseberry. All spellings are from my father's notes made
when he visited Derry  c1923. (Trivaleagh was his spelling too).
It is quite a while since I had any breakthroughs!!

Iain McNeill
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