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[4qd-bannvalley] Farrintemple Glebe,Garvagh weddings and birth help - c1850

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Hi Barbara

Thanks so much for this link and info. Very helpful

Barbara Braswell <barb_braswell20@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: Hugh,

I checked out this site which is very useful for
giving clues.  To get further information you have to
order the church or civil record from them.


I found they were married in 1859.

Barbara Braswell
Colorful Colorado

--- Hugh McAllister  wrote:

> Hi all
> I am trying to find the birth/marriage or death date
> for John McAllister of Farrintemple Glebe,Garvagh.
> Farmer and husband of Mary Ann McCullagh. He was the
> father of Thomas James McAllister b1878. I have
> obtained both Thomas's Birth & Death cert but am at
> a loss on how I can obtain any dates & info on John.
> Proni needs an est. date within 2 years. I have no
> clue on what date to enter. I am quite new at this,
> and am hoping one of you experienced research's out
> there maybe able to advise or steer me in the right
> direction. I think he was a land owner, but this is
> as much as I know. I would appreciate anyone who can
> help...
> Thanks in advance
> Hugh