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[4qd-bannvalley] Re; McAlister of Farrentemple/ Ballintemple.

Hugh, I just visited Jim Torrens (Dads cousin) last night and I enquired 
about the McAlister man again that I told you about. Good news is that Jim 
informed me that it was a man called Johnny McAlister who lived in a place 
Jim said was either called Farrentemple or Balintemple Jim wasnt sure which. 
Jim said there was or is a Ford on the road near were Johnny lived. He had a 
son Gary although Im not sure if Jim got mixed up or I wrote this down wrong 
but it was either Gary or Johnny who married a girl Smith from Ballaghmore 
which is in the Parish of Ballymoney just East of Ballymoney town.
Jim was freindly with a man Robert Carton and Jim said that Roberts  Mother 
was a neice of Johnnys.
Jim thinks that she would have been a Smith.
Jim is in his 80s and Robert Carton sadly no longer with us.
Gary McAlister according to Jim is burried in either the 2nd Main St 
Presbyterian Church in Garvagh or the Garvagh Church of Ireland.But Jim 
thinks that Garys wife might still be alive.

Jim also informed me that Johnny McAlister was a great Fidler who played at 
many dances etc.

So It could be that this Johnny is either the same man you are looking for 
or perhaps his son.
Anyhow, I hope this would be of some advantage to you.

Best Wishes,