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[4qd-bannvalley] Tamlaght O'Crilly Church of Ireland marriages

Hi William,

Thanks so much for adding these records to the BV
site!  We appreciate all the help those of you in
Ireland give to the rest of us.  It really can never
be emphasized enough!

Barbara Braswell

--- William Scott <billy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hello Listers!
> Please note that I have supplied some new records
> Which have been put onto
> the church records on the site by Richard. These are
> for marriages in
> Tamlaght O Crilly Church of Ireland between 1845 and
> 1858.  These data were
> transcribed from the civil register and pieced
> together, as the originals
> have been destroyed.  Records from 1875 onwards are
> in local custody.
> William Scott