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[4qd-bannvalley] Stewart's, McNeill's, Burnside's amd McConnells


My Great Grandparents John Stewart and Margaret Burnside McNeill both came
from the Bann Valley. I have records showing John Stewart as being born 
(c1865)in Tamlaght, Derry (Parents Arthur Stewart and Charlotte McConnell)
and Margaret (Maggie) Burnside McNeill b.10th Feb 1864 in Kilrea, Derry
(Parents Thomas McNeill and Margaret (Maggie) Burnside).

My understanding is that Thomas McNeill was a landholder and one of his
labourers (John Stewart) got his Margaret pregnant - so they married and
were shipped off to Australia in 1887.

I am hoping that someone can provide me with additional information
regarding these families.

Bob Stewart