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[4qd-bannvalley] re-Quigg


There IS a Henry Quigg in Bovagh, Aghadowey Parish.  

#22  6 males and 2 females recorded - all Established

There may be other Henry Quiggs - I only have a few
records for that parish. 

I also find in Caheney #20 , Aghadowey Parish an
Alexander Quigg with 2 males 3 females - 3 were
Established Church and 2 were Presbyterians.

I also find a Widow Quigg # 32 in Caheney with 1 male
2 females - all 3 Roman Catholic.

AND living next to Widow Quigg in #33 a Robert Quigg
with 2 males 3 females - all five Roman Catholic

Hope this helps somewhat.


--- judwills@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

>   Hello Barbara-having seen all the info you have on
> Ireland, I wondered if
> you could help me with my surmane Quigg.
>   I am looking for info on Henrey-wife unkown.
>   Had a son William John b 1855 in Belfast
>   William was a ships fireman on the Antelope on the
> 1881 census. He married
> a Mary Hills in Durham in 1882.
>   William was found drowned in Greenwich in 1890.
>   Any help with the Irish connection would be very
> much appreciated. Judith
> Quigg.