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[4qd-bannvalley] Stewart's, McNeill's, Burnside's amd McConnells

>(Parents Arthur Stewart and Charlotte McConnell)
Arthur is not a common first name in the area in mid 19th century, but you
will see a christening:
1844	2_Jun	Stewart	Arthur Stewart	Arthur	Jane Ray	Drumnacannon
9 weeks
In Churchtown, Is the child born too late to be The father of John ????
Ayear later,
1845	30_Jun	Stewart	Arthur Stewart	John Stewart		Drimlane
8 months
Now we have at least 2 "Arthur" contenders. These 2 may well be cousins.
Drumlane and Drumnacannon share a townland border.Ther are McConnells in
Inisrush and Drumoolish at this time as well.
William Scott