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[4qd-bannvalley] McAllister of Farrintemple

Hugh McAllister-

John "Johnny" McAllister, son of Thomas McAllister a sawyer, farmed at
Farrintemple outside Garvagh=2E He m=2E(12 July 1859) Mary Ann McCullagh
(c1831-Mar=2E1910)=2E John died after Mary Ann=2E Several children includi=
1=2E Ellen Mary McAllister (c1860-9 Aug=2E1954)- family=2E
2=2E Francis McAllister (15 Jan=2E1866-Nov=2E1943)=2E
3=2E John McAllister (4 Mar=2E1869), died young=2E
4=2E Emily McAllister (26 Sept=2E1871) m=2E- family=3F
5=2E Martha McAllister (13 Feb=2E1874) m=2E- family=3F
6=2E John McAllister (13 Aug=2E1876-cMar=2E1964)- family=2E

I am distantly connected to McCullaghs and McIlroys and have quite a bit o=
information on them=2E If you want more details please get in touch direct=