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[4qd-bannvalley] "The Scots' Kirk, Kilrea" by James H. McIlfatrick

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I am an American whose ancestors were members of the Kilrea 1st,  Churchtown
and Garvagh Presbyterian congregations in the early 19th  century.

I am very interested in purchasing a copy or transcript of Mr.  McIlfatrick's
publication but have had no luck locating any sources on this side  of the
Atlantic.  Can anyone offer advice on how I might  accomplish this?

Many thanks for your assistance.

Kevin McCaughey

P.S.  And I would be very interested in any other sources  that describe or
document immigration of the Scots into the Kilrea region  prior to 1800.  I
believe that my ancestors came during the 1638-1688  period, but that is only a