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[4qd-bannvalley] Fleming / Hastings / Craig / Maxwell / Cassidy

I have also found that an Edward Fleming(1795-1849) was a master at a scho=
called the Ballynavilly Kildare school, would there be records for this
school=3F Am I right in assuming that  there could have been Fleming in th=
O=2ES=2E Memoirs (c1835) Ballynacally Kildare School not Ballynavilly=2E A=
s far
as I know there are no surviving school registers for this school which ha=
been closed for many years=2E However, PRONI might have some ED1 forms whi=
relate to the running of the school=2E

I have a note from what is called Ireland Newspaper Abstracts which states=

Board of Guardians 6th April 1844(a meeting took place & it was proposed b=
A Orr & a Barklie that the salary of the clerk Mr=2E Fleming be raised) wh=
would they  have they been the Board of Guardians to=3F Board of Guardians=

was bascially the social services system of its day and was involed in
running the workhouses, making payments to paupers, etc=2E Minute Book of
Coleraine Board of Guardians 4 Oct=2E1845 Mr=2E Edward Fleming Clerk's sal=
to 29 September =A330=2E0=2E0=2E

Sarah Fleming married a William Cunningham married in about 1866 I think i=
Coleraine but they lived at 49 Frances Street, Londonderry and they died i=
in abut 1910 & 1929=3F=3F This was from a note in my grandmothers family c=
cook on births marriages & deaths=2E Sarah, eld=2E dau=2E of late Edward F=
& William Cunningham, Londonderry married 24 Dec=2E1866 St=2E Guaire's Par=
Church, Aghadwey according to newspaper announcement=2E Her brother John V=
Fleming, Clerk of Union, Coleraine=2E

Also, Matilda, eld=2E dau=2E of late Edward Fleming, m=2E29 Feb=2E[=3F]184=
8 St=2E
Guaire's Parish Church to Robert Thompson, Laurel Hill, Coleraine=2E

Have details about Mathew Fleming, H=2EM=2E Customs, Portrush who also bel=
to this family, David Henry Fleming, etc=2E