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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: 4qd-bannvalley digest, Vol 1 #773 - 6 msgs

Children of William John Taylor & Nancy Moore:
Margaret Taylor born 13 Apr=2E1866 Co=2EDerry=2E
John Taylor born 15 Oct=2E1874 Moneycarrie, Aghadowey parish=2E
James Taylor born 14 Apr=2E1877 Aghadowey district=2E
Wilson Henderson Taylor born 22 May 1880 Moneycarrie, Aghadowey parish=2E
Maria Taylor, dau=2E of William & Nancy Taylor Moneycarrie (carpenter) bor=
18 Sept=2E1882 bapt=2E 22 May 1884 St=2E Guaire's Parish Church, Aghadowey=
Unfortunately earlier Church of Ireland baptismal records were destroyed=2E=

1901 Census- Cullycapple, Aghadowey, Londonderry: William Taylor 62
carpenter, wife Anne Taylor 62 (blind), dau=2E Maria Taylor 19 not married=

(all born Co=2EDerry, all Church of Ireland)=2E

You mentioned Ballygawley=2E There were Taylors (also Church of Ireland) a=
John Taylor, shopkeeper/grocer, Ballygawley, m=2E Mary Jane=2E By 1901 the=

Taylors had left Ballygawley=2E
1=2E Charlotte Taylor born 17 June 1882=2E
2=2E James Taylor born 20 June 1885=2E
3=2E Isabella Taylor born 30 Aug=2E1887=2E

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I am interested in the gravestone you mention in the old burial ground =20=

Ballywillan(JAMES A TAYLOR b=2E1899 d=2E1982 and SARAH HALE TAYLOR b=2E189=
My family of Taylors come from Aghadowey and my Grandfather James Taylor =20=

b=2E1877 d=2E1939 and his brother John Taylor b=2E1874 and sister Margaret=
came =20
over to Greenock Scotland around 1900 leaving other brothers and sisters i=

Aghadowey Ballygawley area=2E
I am trying to find any family still living there who are possibly =20
descendants of my Grandfathers bothers and sisters=2EI think their names=20=

Sarah Jane TAYLOR b=2E26-1-1864
Cochrain TAYLOR b=2E20-11-1868
Wilson Henderson TAYLOR b=2E22-5-1880
My Great Grandparents were William John Taylor b=2E1849 and Nancy Moore
Any help at all greatly appreciated=2E