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[4qd-bannvalley] A few questions

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Hello Bob

There are some records for Irish ancestors who were in the British Navy =
in 1812, they are held at Kew in London. I have an ancestor who enlisted =
in Dublin in 1805, listed in the Description Books for Plymouth Royal =
Marines, it gave the date of attestation, his age, occupation, place of =
birth and physical description.
I believe that agents went to Ireland to round up navy volunteers, there =
were barracks in Navan north east of Dublin, and from there they =
generally went to Plymouth as the Naval Base. After the Battle of =
Waterloo on 18 June 1814, they were generally discharged and received a =
pension only if they were wounded, otherwise nil.

Some however, were forcibly taken to serve, with stories of houses being =
entered at night and suitably aged men being dragged off.=20

As far as I know, these records in Kew have not been filmed and you will =
have to research them yourself or pay someone to do it for you. This was =
the case about 5 years ago anyway.

Hope this helps
Auckland, New Zealand
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      I have been participating in this group for a short time, but it =
has been fascinating to sit back and eavesdrop on posted conversations =
that don't even involve my family (but describe the evolving =
demographics of the Bann Valley.)  In May, my wife and I had the =
opportunity to visit Ireland and we spent several days exploring the =
North.  Pouring over an aerial photo cannot approximate the real thing.  =
Standing in the crossroads in Killygullib and imaging the rolling hills =
as they once must have been was an emotional experience.  One ongoing =
result of the trip is that both my wife and I are now addicted to =
Guinness.  Go figure.=20
      I have a few questions that have come up in my research.  I hope =
someone out there can field the answers.

    a.. I have an ancestor who served in the British Navy in the War of =
1812.  Where are these records kept?=20
    b.. Are there records available from the Mercer's Guild regarding =
the Kilrea population and industry?=20
    c.. I understand that a "glebe" is a section of land whose rental =
income supports a church.  What church did Killygullib support?  Would =
that church have historic rental records?=20
    d.. Recently, a member had posted the question regarding Scottish =
immigration into Northern Ireland.  I have been unable to find a history =
of that population movement, although there appears to be a longstanding =
movement between the two countries.  It appears that the Faulkners =
appeared in Derry in the mid 1700's.  I am curious about the dynamics of =
that movement.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

  Bob Faulkner
  1622 10th Street
  Manhattan Beach
  California, 90266