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[4qd-bannvalley] A few questions

Hi all
With regard to some of the questions. 
For Royal Navy records -go to the website of The National Archives in UK , search the Catalogue by name at 
If there is a record you have an option to purchase it online.
By searching this site you may come across other records which may be of interest under the drop down from Search the archives at the top of the screen.
Generally you need to visit the archive or have a researcher look for you.

Re Mercer company records there are some at Proni but I haven't personally got to them yet. I do recall a posting a while back about contacting the Archivist of the Mercers Co in London.

Also a helfpul Townlands index at http://www.proni.gov.uk/geogindx/townindx.htm

Re Scottish question there are several interesting books published in recent years on the topic. Try the Ulster Historical Foundation bookshop at http://www.ancestryireland.com/ai_books.0.html
as well Boyd posted a lot of interesting info earlier in the year.

Hope this is of some use
Pauline O'Keeffe

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There are quite good records of the Mercer estates, but I'm not sure  
how accessible they are; the Public Record Office in Belfast may not  
have them; they may be in London, at least partly.  Belfast PRONI has  
produced a folder of indexes to the various London company records;  
lists by category and date, but I don't know whether it says where t  
hey are to be found.
If you can get your hands on a book called The Fairy Thorn, produced  
in 1984 by Kilrea Local History Group, it has a lot of info and photos.

The naval records in Kew are good.

Killygullib is in the parish of Tamlaght O'Crilly; I suppose that it  
was glebeland for that parish.

There is a Falconer, which is the same name as Faulkner, in  
Desertmartin in the 1660s Hearthmoney Rolls

Linde Lunney