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[4qd-bannvalley] A few questions

Hello again Bob
> I understand that a "glebe" is a section of land whose rental income
supports a church.=A0 What church did Killygullib support?=A0

You are correct about a =93glebe=94 and you will find a townland named =
Glebe in
many parishes. Killygullib was the land supporting the Churchtown Pres
church. The vicar=92s manse is still situated there beside Moran=92s =
The Tamlaght Ocrilly (aka Churchtown) COI has its manse in Hervey Hill,
about a mile towards Kilrea.The neighbouring townland of Killymuck was, =
is, associated with 1st Kilrea Pres. You will find many of its =
in Killymuck.
I have a copy of some land rental records dating from 1800-1814 for =
townlands in the area. There is not much detail recorded =96 just names =
amounts along with townland, but some familiar names do crop up and give =
idea of the relative =93affluence=94 of the families.
Let me know if you want a name looked up.
William Scott