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[4qd-bannvalley] A few questions

Thanks William for the look up.  Don't worry about jokes about the Dripps 
name...it is several generations back for me.  My mother wrote and asked for 
someone to send her all the "Dripps" in the library.  They posted that 
comment on genealogy jokes.  They changed their name from Seldon when the 
Catholics were chasing them.  They hid in a cave with water dripping over 
the entrance...thus the "Dripps" family was born.
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> Hi Diane
> No Dripps present in the rent rolls.There are quite a few Drip(p)s in the
> wider area though. (I won't make any silly jokes about this:) If you take 
> a
> look at the Flax lists 1796 for Co L'derry you will see 3, all in Maghera
> parish, next door to Tamlaght O'Crilly. In Griffiths, there are
> concentrations in Garvagh and Maghera with some in Kilrea and Tamlaght O',
> but this is 60 yrs on
> Flax lists
> Dreps Matthew Maghera Derry
> Drips James Maghera Derry
> Drips Samuel Maghera Derry
> I have not encountered any of the Seldon name in the area.
> William Scott
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> William,
> can you look up Drips, Dripps or Seldon in the Churchtown (The Tamlaght
> Ocrilly) area in land rentals from 1800s - 1814?  I would certainly
> appreciate it.
> Diane Bland