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[4qd-bannvalley] falkiner

William John Falkiner's father was William and Mary Ann's father was John
Birthdates for 2 more of the children:
-Sarah Falkender born 17 Apr=2E1868 Kilrea district=2E
-Robert born 11 May 1873 Kilrea district=2E

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I am interested in William John Falkiner who married Mary Ann Gamble in
Churchtown Presbyterian Church on 24th December 1852=2E=3F=20

Their children Nancy Ann (1853), Adam (1856), James (1857), Eliza/Lizzie
(1862), William John (1865),Samuel (1865), Martha (1867), Sarah (1869),
Mary (1871), Robert (1873) and Fanny (1878)=2E=3FThey were all=3FBaptised =
Boveedy Church but it gives no dates of birth just ages at time=2E=3F

I am particularly interested in Nancy who went on to marry William Pollock=

on 21st December 1883 and their daughter Martha Jane who lived in the Grov=
in Garvagh/Kilrea until 1912 and Married James McCleery=2E

I seem to have drawn blanks on progressing any further=2E=3F I am checking=

Churchtown records but have to date drawn a blank=2E=3F I have also tried
Emerald Ancestors to no avail=3F=3F Any suggestions=3F