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[4qd-bannvalley] Fwd: Coleraine Family History Society: McLaughlin

Hi Folks, here is an email that we have received via the Coleraine
Family History Society, Ive taken charge of all the Queries to the
Society, So if anyone can help this lady could either send the message
to either her or myself and I can forward it on to her.
Best Wishes,



>This is an enquiry e-mail via http://www.coleraine-fhs.org.uk from:
>Caroline McBride (McLaughlin) <nm009C5145@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Dear Sirs,
>I have been tracing my family tree for a birthday present for my
>father..  William Burnett Beaton McLaughlin.  The Scottish side of
>the family seemed easy by comparison to the irish side..  My great
>grandfather came from Coleraine or so I have been told. John
>McLaughlin he married an Isabella Cassidy.  This would have been
>around 1850 onwards.  I have conflicting information regarding my
>grandfather Daniel McLaughlin - I know that he was born around
>1884/5  some say he was Irish others say he was Scottish.  (Still
>under investigation)  An elderly relative states " the family came
>to Coleraine around 1745 after leaving Scotland, the settled married
>and came back to Scotland around 1900's"  The only other info I have
>is that I believe John had a brother Bernard -  I think that he came
>to Scotland around 1850 married - no family and died before
>1910.  Daniel lived with him from 1901 until 1920 when he
>married.  I would love to hear from anyone researching the McLaughlin family !
>  -  As stated the Scottish side was easy by comparison and I have
> over 200 names on my grandmothers side of the family dating back to
> 1744 at the moment.  I would be willing to share this information
> if there was any connection with any McLaughlins on your side......
> My dad's only brother was John after his grandfather, so the only
> male names I have are William, John, Daniel and Bernard.  There
> could also be a connection with the Rafferty/Raverty family, if
> that is a clue.  If you have any hints or details please do not
> hesitate to contact me.
>Thanks for your time......
>Caroline xx