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[4qd-bannvalley] Forthcoming Trip to USA

    Good luck in your journey to the US.  Having recently returned from a 2 
week trip to Ireland, I can offer several suggestions and warnings: 1) 
regardless of what your ears are telling you, it is in fact the same 
language over here; 2) driving on the right is far more intuitive than what 
they practice in Ireland (driving is easier for right-minded people;) 3) we 
have very few "roundabouts" and almost none of our signage is in Gaelic; and 
4) avoid the Guinness (it's actually made in Canada.)
    If you haven't been in the US before, you will soon discover that due to 
the frailties of the potato, the US is thoroughly an Irish colony (Boston as 
a particular example.)
    Good traveling.

Bob Faulkner

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> Hi Folks, Im about to go on a 3 week vacation to America on 24th Sept, I 
> thought I should let some of you who know me just incase you would like to 
> meet up.
> Im flying into Newark on the 24th and staying in Philladelphia for that 
> night and the next night then I will be heading to Baltimore, then head 
> west to the Appalachians and down the Shenandoah valley and into 
> Tennessee, Then travel south and across into North and perhaps South 
> Carolina.
> I will probably travel by bus to Philly, then Hire a car, which will be my 
> first time to drive on the opposite side of the road which is going to be 
> a bit crazy.
> I will be visiting friends in Conneticutt on my last few days, Im not sure 
> if I can travel all those areas  in 3 weeks or not, That yet has to be 
> seen, But I will make the most of it when Im there. So if any of you have 
> any good advice or would like to meet up, please feel free to let me know, 
> Then I can arrange my trip to do so.
> Hope to hear from you soon.
> Best Wishes,
> Derek Torrens.
> sdtorrens@xxxxxxxxxxxxx