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[4qd-bannvalley] Forthcoming Trip to USA

Bob, Thanks so much for your kind advice. Ive been to the US 3 times 
already, although this will be my first time Ive took the courage to 
drive. I can understand what you mean, having no roundabouts will be 
less confusing, As for which side of the road, it is we British & Irish 
who are the stupid ones as we are one of the few countries that drive on 
the opposite side of the road compared to the rest of the World I think !!
It would be much easier if we all drove on the same side, Im quite 
supprised that the European Union hasnt made us change that yet !!  They 
are fond of changing and destroying other parts of our lifestyle !!
I know you all speak the same language as we do, and I love it, its very 
easy to pick up, although in some places I have to slow down for others 
to understand me, but its much worse in England and Wales, Ive trouble 
with them and vice versa !!
Ive been to Boston and Londenderry , New Hampshire which was a Great 
Experience, In fact one lady in the Library informed me that she loved 
my accent, I quickly informed her that if she is descended from the 
founders of  this town that they would have spoken the same language, 
Although I was speaking polite, they may have spoken the same way I do 
at home, which is quite broad Scots-Irish.
Do you know I like a lot of different Beers, and Guinness is not one of 

Thanks for your advice Bob, I certainly hope you enjoyed your trip here 
in Ireland, Dont worry about the Gaelic Signs, I dont like them either !!

Best Wishes,


Bob Faulkner wrote:
> Derek:
>    Good luck in your journey to the US.  Having recently returned from 
> a 2 week trip to Ireland, I can offer several suggestions and 
> warnings: 1) regardless of what your ears are telling you, it is in 
> fact the same language over here; 2) driving on the right is far more 
> intuitive than what they practice in Ireland (driving is easier for 
> right-minded people;) 3) we have very few "roundabouts" and almost 
> none of our signage is in Gaelic; and 4) avoid the Guinness (it's 
> actually made in Canada.)
>    If you haven't been in the US before, you will soon discover that 
> due to the frailties of the potato, the US is thoroughly an Irish 
> colony (Boston as a particular example.)
>    Good traveling.
> Bob Faulkner