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[4qd-bannvalley] Smith, McE/Ilroy, Johnston, Galt

8	1840	4_Apr	Smith	Washington Smith	-Washington Smith,
Jane Johnston
49	1842	20_Nov Charlotte? E. Smith	-Washington Smith,	Jane
Johnston 	Mayogey?
108	1845	11_Apr Wm Smith			-Washington,		Jane
Johnsto	Moyagney
159	1847	6_Jun	James Fargison Smyth	-Washington Smyth,	Jain
Johnston			3 Months
186	1850	8_Mar	Jane Isabella Smith	-Washington,		Jane
Johnston	Moyagney	11 weeks
218	1853		David Smyth			-Washington Smyth,
Jean Johnston	Moyagney
296	1856	4_Sep	Smith	Wm James Smith	-Washington,		Jane
Johnston	Moyagney	5 Months
These baptisms in the newly built church in Tamlaght O'Crilly
316	1859	31_Mar Isabella Jane Smith	-Washington Smith,	Jane
Smith or Johnston	Mayagney	2 Months

One of my Pollock ancestors had a family member christened Washington Smith
Pollock. I don't know if he was related to SMITHs of the area or whether he
was named after a minister / doctor as sometimes happened. The previous
generation was Robert Pollock married to Isabella Smith. Washington is a
very unusual name in the wider area, although there are a few "Washington
Smiths" in the area, which must be significant.
	>>Their son  Washington Smith (of Moyagoney - abt 1810) married
Jane Johnston abt 1815
I take it the dates of 1810 and 1815 mentioned are Washingtons and Janes
Interesting to see that they moved to T OCrilley church after it was built,
being closer to Moyagney than Kilrea 1st, where Washinton was on the
communicants list in 1835.

William Scott