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[4qd-bannvalley] North Coast Ferries

Thank you Simon

Yes it seems I am looking for Portrush to Greenock /Glasgow ferries
Least just within living life times 1890- 1920. That seems to be a
mystery. the Mclean s would have lived a similar/idential lifestyle to
your G'father, working in the shipping in Greenock/Port Glasgow area.
their family also worked in the Flax mill in Balnamore. One grand
parent still lives in Port Glasgow, and it is from her that we are
told of the trips back and forth via Portrush.

I discovered that the 1890 wreck of the 'ISLAY', GLASGOW IRON PADDLE

Sunday, September 30, 2007, 10:02:32 AM, you wrote:

> Hi,

> I found an 1855 reference to steamers plying weekly between Portrush,
> Liverpool and Glasgow - here's the link:

> http://books.google.com/books?id=71E2AAAAMAAJ&pg=PP7&vq=coleraine&dq=history+of+coleraine+ferries#PPA387,M1

> I haven't read the whole book but there might be more in there.

> My great grandfather John Fleming 1848-1900 may have used this route to
> travel to the West of Scotland for work in his early 20s.  When he marries
> Martha Galbraith of Dunderg in 1872 at Coleraine his residence is listed as
> Port Glasgow and he is probably working in the shipyards there.  After
> returning home to marry, he stays in Ireland until about 1890 when he moves
> to Glasgow permanently, perhaps taking a local ferry.  I'd be interested in
> finding out more too!

> Regards,

> Simon Fleming
>> Hi,
>> Does anyone know of any ferries at the turn of the century that used
>> to sail from the North coast to around the Greenock /Glasgow area?
>> Looking down the line of Mclean /Barr /Steel from Balnamore , one
>> Mclean in voy was a registered as a "ferryman" , there could have been
>> a ferry at Voy, but as the Mclean's were from the Greenock area so he
>> could have been on the north coast to Scotland ferries. but I cannot
>> find any ferry company names from the north coast for around 1900.
>> -- 
>> Best regards,
>> lee