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[4qd-bannvalley] Fleming, Galbraith, Cochrane, Henry, Farren, Coleman, Short.

Many thanks to 'aghadowey1' for those notes, it's quite something to have an 
additional four people appear from nowhere.

The only specific Aghadowey record I have is the 1878 birth of William JG 
Fleming:  (The various spellings of Aghadowey are as they appear in the 
Register of Births  District of: Aghadowey;  Union of: Coleraine;  County 
of: Londonderry  Book Number: 6;  Page: 65;  Entry Number: 324
Birth Date: 7 September 1878.  Birth Place: Aughadowey.  Name (if any): 
William John Galbreath.  Sex: Male.  Name and Surname and Dwelling-place of 
Father:  John Fleming,  Aughadowey.  Name and Surname and Maiden Surname of 
Mother:  Martha Fleming formerly Galbreath.  Rank or Profession of Father: 
Servant.  Signature, Qualification, and Residence of Informant:  John 
Fleming, Father, Aughadowey.  When Registered: 11 October 1878.

I'm a little unsure about the record I have for Nancy Henry's baptism  - 
1832 is the correct year but the father's name on the baptism is William and 
the father's name on her marriage record in 1850 is John.  There are many 
other William Johns in the family so perhaps they are the same person?
Nancy Henry - Baptismal Register of First Magherafelt Presbyterian Church, 
County Londonderry  Baptised: 15 February 1832  Nancy, 2 weeks old, of 
William Henry and Olivia Mawhinney of Desertmartin.

Perhaps this might lead somewhere?

Thanks again,

Simon Fleming