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[4qd-bannvalley] Fleming, Galbraith, Cochrane, Henry, Farren, Coleman, Short.

Many thanks to 'aghadowey1' for the notes, it's quite something to have four 
people appear from nowhere!

The only specific Aghadowey record I have is the 1878 birth of William JG 
Fleming: (Aghadowey spellings as they appear in the record).
District of: Aghadowey;  Union of: Coleraine;  County of: Londonderry Book 
Number: 6;  Page: 65;  Entry Number: 324
Birth Date: 7 September 1878. Birth Place: Aughadowey. Name (if any): 
William John Galbreath. Sex: Male. Name and Surname and Dwelling-place of 
Father:  John Fleming,  Aughadowey. Name and Surname and Maiden Surname of 
Mother:  Martha Fleming formerly Galbreath. Rank or Profession of Father: 
Servant. Signature, Qualification, and Residence of Informant:  John 
Fleming, Father, Aughadowey. When Registered: 11 October 1878.

I'm a little unsure about the baptism record for Nancy Henry - the year is 
correct but the father is William Henry and the father on her 1850 marriage 
is John.  There are a lot of William Johns in the family so perhaps they are 
the same person?
Nancy Henry. Baptismal Register of First Magherafelt Presbyterian Church, 
County Londonderry. Baptised: 15 February 1832. Nancy, 2 weeks old, of 
William Henry and Olivia Mawhinney of Desertmartin.

Perhaps this might lead somewhere?

Simon Fleming