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[4qd-bannvalley] Admin mesage - Please read

I am getting a bit fed up with alerts from the mailing software asking me
to authorise posings from unsubscribed email addresses.

Most if these are spams. Yes, I can turn off the 'members only' option -
then you will all get the spams...

BUT there is a sudden rash of members posting from the wrong email

Please only post from the address from which you subscribed.

You can of course subscribe from as many addresses as you wish. If you
don't want multple copies of postings, go to the members options pages and
set your secondary boxes to 'no mail'.

It's all explained on the lists page:
http://www.4qd.org/torrens/maillists.html Genealogy Mailing Lists
and on the list front page.
http://home.arachsys.com/mailman/listinfo/4qd-bannvalley Join /
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Richard Torrens  - R.Torrens@xxxxxxx
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