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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Church Records - mistakes?

Then there must be two stones because there is definitely one erected by
Thomas Boyd of Boston to his father in Ballylintagh.  It is just to the
right of two large stones with railings, one to Andrew Boyd of Ballyclough
and one to John Boyd of Collins (but NOT the same John Boyd of Collins which
Lavonne has taken from St Guaires).

There are indeed less than two dozen stones in this graveyard.  They include
the grave of my Brewster family from Dromore.  And the records are indeed
very sparse.  However, Julia Mullin in "The Presbytery of Coleraine has the
following, which helps to explain this:
Ballylintagh Presbyterian Church was built in 1812 when some of the Crossgar
Presbyterian congregation quarrelled with their minister and left to form a
new church.  In 1841, the Ballylintagh congregartion decided to adhere to
the United Original Secession Church and in 1843 appointed the Reverend
William Mathews,  In 1852, the Reverend Mathews and a minority of the
congregation joined the Free Church of Scotland against the wishes of the
majority but the landowners, the Worshipful Company of Ironmongers, gave the
key to the church to the Reverend Mathews.  In 1857, the majority built a
new Seceder church at Dromore.  In 1863, Ballylintagh was received into the
General Assembly.  Its congregation dwindled and the church became
neglected, was sold to the Aghadowey Creamery in 1905, and demolished in
1912 (not sure of this date).

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To clarify the matter of the Boyd headstone- it is in St. Guaire's Parish
Churchyard as on the Bann Valley site.