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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Church Records - mistakes?


Ballylintagh old graveyard is, as I said, in the wee hamlet of Ballylintagh,
on the B207 between Macosquin and Kilrea, at Grid Ref 851252 just before the
turn off from the B207 up the minor road to Dromore.  The church has been
pulled down.

I know you were being humorous with your suggestions but I am beginning to
think that there ARE two stones erected by Thomas Boyd of Boston and that
BOTH are indeed broken, bizarre as it may sound.  Why?  Well, either Lavonne
has also got the inscrtiption badly wrong or I have.  The one I have says,
"(Below a broken stone) Erected by Thomas Boyd of Bosto......... in memory
of their beloved father.............. this life on 7th December
1865............ aged 59years", which is not the same as what is in
Lavonne's inscription at all.  MUST be two stones - both broken!!  In which
case, apologies to Lavonne.  I am so intrigued that I will revisit these
stones the next time I am anywhere near Coleraine.

Btw, as I said in my last message, I am looking at St Guaire's Church of
Ireland Parish Church, Aghadowey, and NOT as you said in your message,
Aghadowey Presbyterian Church.  We have enough confusion here without
bringing a third church into the story!