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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Church Records - mistakes?

In article <00b001c818de$11b46320$0e01a8c0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Boyd Gray <boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Then there must be two stones because there is definitely one erected by
> Thomas Boyd of Boston to his father in Ballylintagh.  It is just to the
> right of two large stones with railings, one to Andrew Boyd of
> Ballyclough and one to John Boyd of Collins (but NOT the same John Boyd
> of Collins which Lavonne has taken from St Guaires).

Note taken of these two stones. Will work them into the data in due course.

This all well illustrates how careful I must be as 'editor' to authenticate
major corrections!

It also illustrates well how careful one must by in keeping source data
when compiling a tree. It is very easy to make assumptions, but not always
easy to unravel the knots they can tie.

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