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[4qd-bannvalley] Re: Church Records - mistakes?

In article <009e01c818db$dad73320$0e01a8c0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
   Boyd Gray <boydgray26@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Richard,

> Ballylintagh old graveyard is, as I said, in the wee hamlet of
> Ballylintagh, on the B207 between Macosquin and Kilrea, at Grid Ref
> 851252 just before the turn off from the B207 up the minor road to
> Dromore.  The church has been pulled down.

Paraphrased on the new site:

This is indeed an object lesson in how confusing things can be, and how
easily wrong assumptions can be made.

There are 270 separate files in  the church area.


> Btw, as I said in my last message, I am looking at St Guaire's Church of
> Ireland Parish Church, Aghadowey, and NOT as you said in your message,
> Aghadowey Presbyterian Church.  We have enough confusion here without
> bringing a third church into the story!

Indeed. Help is needed in deconfusing me!

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