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[4qd-bannvalley] Church Records - mistakes?

Hi Julie,

Apart from my great great grandmother, Mary Boyd, who is recorded in the
OAP/Census returns for 1851, married to my great great grandfather, Robert
Brewster, I actually know none of my Boyd ancestors!  Very frustrating.  I
have zillions of Boyds living in the area and no way of knowing which of
them may be her siblings.

However, I can say that your Martha Boyd is unlikely to be one of them as my
folks came from the Parish of Macosquin which is 20 miles north of Kilrea.
Oddly enough, my mother's folks came from Kilrea and my great aunt, Alice
Mary Boyd Gray married a Samuel mcShane but these are just the vagaries of

1798, although a very famous year in Irish history, is just a tad early for
baptismal records.  A Boyd is very likely to be Presbyterian but 1st Kilrea
Presbyterian church records do not begin until 1825.  Even Kilrea Parish
church records do not begin til 1801.  Have you searched the Bann Valley
site for Martha's marriage in 1st Kilrea?



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> Hi Boyd,
> Your interest in the Boyd surname caught my eye
> Do you by chance know of any Martha Boyd, born about 1798 in the Kilrea
> (we think) who married a James McShane? Sorry I know this info is sketchy
> best, but I just thought I would ask.
> Julie